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Glow Is in The Hair: What Is Majirel Glow?

Glow Is in The Hair: What Is Majirel Glow?

Translucent Permanent Colour for High Shine, Cool Reflects and Natural Looking Results

According to a 2019 Consumer study*, natural looking hair colour is the number 1 colour result desired by women today.*

As a result, this year L’Oréal Professionnel have upped their game by re-inventing the definition of French natural-looking hair colour to create Majirel Glow.

Inspired by the beauty world’s glow trend, Majirel Glow aims to create a 'halo' hair effect, enhancing your client’s natural colour and leaving them with shiny, healthy-looking locks.

Get ready for never-ending gorgeous hair days! Designed to release your client’s inner hair glow and act as the hair world’s answer to 'no makeup, makeup'. This new consumer-inspired colour service is formulated with a unique dye ratio heavily weighted in pure reflect; providing you with translucent and luminous colour results combined with a neutralised, barely-there finish with a hint of tone.

Majirel Glow lifts up to 3 levels and is boosted in cool reflects to neutralise the exposed undercoat. It leaves your client’s hair looking natural and luminous with +50% more light reflection and X4 more translucency**.

*Colourants U&A , Samples: Salon Colourers (n= 1056), 2CV Coliurants U&A, February 2018
** vs Majirel Core

Glow for Everyone: Why Go Glow?

Have you noticed warm tones sneak into your client’s hair? Is your client interested in something different but doesn’t want a heavy colour demarcation? Do you just want to give them an extra boost of shine? If ‘yes’ is the answer to any of these questions, hair glow is definitely for you! With low maintenance and flexibility for a variety of techniques, Majirel Glow is the way forward if your clients are seeking a luminous yet subtle shine.

Suitable for all hair types, a Glow service is perfect if your client is new to colour, has previously coloured hair or just looking for a gentle colour refresh to cover regrowth and even blends up to 30% of grey hair. If working on more than 50% of white hair, you will still need to cover the regrowth of your client with our traditional Majirel range but you can refresh the length and ends using Majirel Glow for a luminous, neutralised result.

What Are the Benefits of A Hair Glow Service?

1. Enhance your client’s natural colour
2. Natural-looking translucent and luminous colour results
3. Bespoke multi-tonal cool cover
4. Low maintenance
5. Suitable for all hair types
6. Subtle re-growth

High Shine, Cool Reflects

NEW GLOW TECHNOLOGY: Less Base More Reflect

Oxydative colour. Up to three levels of lift, the base ensures up to 30% of white hair coverage. The reflect provides light, translucency and neutralisation.

Formulated specifically to be highly concentrated in pure reflect and low on base, Majirel Glow is super versatile for dark or light bases. Less bass means you do not need shades for each level and that the colour will pick up on the existing highs and lows. Therefore, each result is unique. The palette has 18 intermixable shades, spilt between light bases (bases from 6 to 10) and dark bases (bases from 1 to 5). The flexible nature of Majirel Glow means it can be used with any of L’Oréal Professionnel’s crème oxydants. However for an optimum result, you are encouraged to experiment with the new 12,5 oxydant.

LIGHT for bases 6 and above and DARK for bases 5 and below

As Majirel Glow Shades can be applied on a variety of different base levels, the colour result can vary depending on a number of things including; the colour of the hair, the oxydant used, the undercoat reached and the percentage of white hair on a client.

The permanent nature of Majirel Glow allows more lift to create tonal differences in the hair through varying the oxydant level used.

Don’t forget if you are working on 30% to 50% of white hair, you will need to mix with a traditional Majirel base shade to ensure you achieve perfect coverage (i.e. when working on 40% white hair, you will need to add 40% of Majirel base shade).

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