Upgrade Your Colour Tech Tools with PRISMA!

Prisma is a fantastically innovative and colourful range that stands out from the crowd. Prisma takes salon essentials and elevates them into being the best tools that they can be to ensure that salons and hairdressers produce their best work and enjoy themselves by doing so. Every product has been carefully designed to make colouring and other hair services quick, easy, clean and precise. Bowls: Prisma produces brushes and bowels in a variety of colours that can be clipped together and help you remember which bowl contains which brush and shade of colour. Brushes:Prisma brushes are different to any other you've ever used. The ends of the bristles are tapered to ensure complete coverage and saturation of every hair strand while the brush handles are designed for the perfect grip and all round manoeuvrability as you work. Spectacle Protectors: Prisma even makes useful extras like waterproof (and colour-proof) sleeves for the arms of your clients' glasses. This means their expensive eye-wear will not get stained by your colour. Silicone Brush Cleaner Mat: Never risk cross contamination of tones or bleach again with this multi-textured surface mat.
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