Salon Supplies' Clipper, Trimmer and Finishers Guide

Wahl: A Guide To Selecting Your Wahl Clipper, Trimmer, and Finishing Tool

Choose the right tool, create your perfect finish. 


The Wahl Super Taper is our best seller for everyday bulk removal and tapering. This clipper is also available in cordless adding the benefit of being totally flexible. It is also consistent at cutting through all hair types when removing bulk and tapering. The other options available ideal for this are the Icon, Beretto and, Chromstyle.


If you are looking for a clipper that is ideal for fading we have a wide range for you to choose from. The Senior Cordless Clipper is perfect for precision fading and closer cutting. It houses the most powerful motor in the Wahl cordless clipper range. Due to the powerful motor and Aluminium metal bottom, this versatile clipper can be used for anything from bulk removal to skin-tight fading.

For even, smooth blending the Magic Clip Clipper will be your go to choice. This corded clipper can be used continuously as you will never run out of power, particularly useful for busy salons. While the cordless option has a Lithium Ion battery that provides 90 minutes of cordless run time from a 120 minute charge. Both visibly improve blending making fading faster. For an upgraded version the Gold Magic Clip provides new blades, an improved motor, longer runtime, premium accessories and a free charging stand.  The Legend is a clipper that provides extended wide range fading without guards, using the taper throw to cut lengths from 0.7 to 1.7mm. This corded clipper features a powerful V9000 motor that runs cool and is designed for durability, longevity and continuous power. While the cordless options Lithium Ion battery provides 100 minutes of cordless run time from a 60 minute charge. For close fades and over-all shaves check out the Balding Clipper.


For shaping and lining up Wahl have designed a trimmer for those who live in the details. The HI-VIZ trimmers' slim neck enhances visibility when trimming in intricate areas, making it ideal for sharp lines and detailing However, if you are after sharp outlines and straight shape ups, the Detailer is the trimmer for you. Providing fast and efficient trimming with outstanding results this is Wahls most popular trimmer, specifically designed for edge lining and detailing work. Also available in cordless, it's lightweight to give you perfect balance and control when outlining. For an upgraded version Gold Detailer offers new blades and a powerful motor for improved results.  More precise trimmers like these are the Hero and T-Cut


There are a wide selection for all-round trimming. Including the Super Trimmer which is ideal for adding finishing touches around the neck and hair lines on all skin types. The perfect partner for the Super Taper and all round close trimming A trimmer that is ideal for use on young, senior and sensitive skin allowing gentle close cutting is the Beret. This trimmer can be used on or off the cord for greater flexibility, so if the charge starts to run low, simply plug in and carry on.  More products that provide comfortable, versatile and close trimming are the Neo Liner, Bella and Micro Trimmer.  


For ultra close shaving and balding out the Vanish Shaver will provide clean results without leaving irritation or bumps. Featuring a razor-close shave 0.5mm. For pros on the go, the Travel Lock option keeps the 5 Star Vanish from accidentally turning on and draining power.

If you are after a shaver that gives you skin tight shaving in hard-to-reach areas the Single Foil Shaver is the ideal choice. It is compact with a singe foil to ensure the razor gets a close shave of 0.05mm even in tight areas. All while leaving a bump-free finish.