Karisma Twice Styling Unit

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  • The Twice Styling Unit is a stunning, sleek, creative styling unit.
  • The Karisma Twice Styling Unit comes in 3 options:
  • Two place island unit.
  • One place island unit, with replaceable picture on reverse side.
  • Island Unit with replaceable pictures on both sides (This option does not have a mirror, therefore this is a display unit and not a Styling Unit).
  • The unique feature of the Twice is that the unit itself can be used as decoration/display. The Twice Styling Unit is perfect for going against windows or used as room dividers, as the main function of this styling unit is to be able to show off the back, as well as the front.
  • The images on the styling unit are replaceable, they use a very simple system so that they can be easily removed and replaced.
  • LED Backlighting on the replaceable images is available as an optional extra.
  • Twice Dimensions

  • Width: 65cm, Height: 209cm, Depth: 58cm
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