Kasho Ceramic Offset Scissors

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  • Exquisitely sharp, limited edition masterpiece.
  • Incredibly sharp (and staying that way longer than steel) and amazingly lightweight, but likely to break catastrophically if dropped. Now enter the new Ceramic with all the benefits of its predecessor but with improved durability and accuracy thanks to better materials and modern manufacturing.
  • The bottom blade is made from VG-10 cobalt steel with the top blade being made from ceramic. This combination means that the blades meet with ultra precision for an astonishingly accurate cut.
  • The ceramic itself is a super-hard modern zirconium ceramic made by Kyocera which, combined with the support from the steel blade, makes the new Ceramic much more robust than the old version and able to withstand some pretty hard blows. In addition, should the worst happen, the ceramic blade can be replaced fairly inexpensively.
  • The scissor operation is satin smooth with a flat screw system featuring an integrated ball bearing. The Ceramic's offset, ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable hand position which combined with the lightness of the blades means your hands will barely know they've been cutting.
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