Matrix Socolor.Beauty ULs Ultra Blondes 90ml - ALL NEW Shades and now with added BOND

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5 NEW shades with Bond: UL-AA, UL-VV, Clear, Silver Opal, Violet Opal
4 new formulas now with Bond: UL-A+, UL-N+, UL-V+, UL-N
Discontinued Shades: UL-AV (mix UL-AA and UL-VV for a similar result), UL-NV+ (mix UL-VV and UL-N+ for a similar result), UL-P (use UL-N for a similar result). Buy 6 tubes of SOCOLOR and receive a FREE MATRIX APRON (WORTH £9.99). Please add it to your basket for the discount to apply. Buy 12 tubes of SOCOLOR and receive a FREE MATRIX DEVELOPER(WORTH £7.20). Please add it to your basket for the discount to apply.


Read here for information on what shades have been discontinued and what alternative shades/formulas can be used instead..


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  • Shades can be mixed together.
  • Ultra-neutralization for stubborn underlying pigments.
  • Contains pre-adjusted tones and bases to compensate for natural underlying pigments and patented Cera-Oil complex, which restores condition, delivering long lasting colour and brilliant shine.
  • Lifts and tones up to 5 levels
  • Plus+ shades give you maximum lift (but less control of tone) whilst the Opal shades give you ultimate tonal control (with less lift).
  • Beautiful blonde can be achieved in a single process saving time and the health of your hair.
  • Part of the Socolor.Beauty range.

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