Nouvelle Color Fix Kit for Direct and Semi Colour

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  • For fixing direct AND semi-permanent colour.
  • Kit includes a single-dose tube of Color Fix Cream and a bottle of 13vol Activator for an easy and practical application.
  • A strong colour remover that requires developer to be activated.
  • Perfectly removes undesired direct colors.
  • Specifically for direct colors that are applied on bleached hair.
  • Acts gently without damaging the hair structure.
  • Keeps the hair soft and shiny.
  • How to use..

  • Apply a shampoo with an alkaline pH.
  • Rinse off and towel dry until the hair is almost completely dry.
  • In a bowl mix Color Fix Cream and Color Fix Activator 13 vol. at a ratio of 1:1.5 (60ml Color Fix Cream + 90ml Color Fix Activator).
  • Put on gloves and apply the mixture on the desired hair sections.
  • Leave on from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse carefully.
  • Apply the shampoo, rinse off and blowdry.
  • Apply the direct or semi-permanent color as usual.
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