Orofluido Asia Exclusive Edition Beauty Set

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  • Exclusive Edition, exclusively formulated package from Orofluido Asia.
  • Contains Orofluido Elixir Control Zen Asia and the Asia Blush Zen line of Orofluido.
  • The Blush of Orofluido Asia Zen is a soft powder blush to update the color of the cheeks. A soft pink hue will be provided with a matte finish. Orofluido Asia Zen Blush comes with a mirror and a sponge to bring the blush.
  • The Elixir provides elasticity, softness and frizz control.
  • Prevents frizzy hair.
  • Creates a shield against moisture.
  • Bring moisture perfectly balanced.
  • Protects against harmful effects of the sun.
  • Contains a blush to color the cheeks.
  • Orofluido Asia Beauty Set Exclusive Edition comes with Zen Asia Orofluido Elixir Control 50ml Orofluido and Asia Blush 4g.
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