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ASP Infiniti Intensives Colour 60ml

Product code: 42117

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Offer: Free Bacticide Hand Sanitiser 400ml with Every 12 Tubes of Colour

  • 0.1 Green Ash - £6.49
  • 0.2 Violet Ash - £6.49
  • 0.3 Gold - £6.49
  • 0.4 Copper - £6.49
  • 0.6 Red - £6.49
  • 0.7 Blue Ash - £6.49
  • 0.76 Purple - £6.49

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  • Concentrated Colour Additives
  • Custom blend the perfect colour for your clients. The INFINITI® Intensives Series incorporates 7 pure concentrated pigments which can be used to intensify or subdue any permanent or tone-on-tone hair colour, giving you the power to create one-off, bespoke colours. If you can imagine it, you can create it.
  • When an INFINITI® Intensives shade is mixed with a permanent or tone-on-tone colour that uses developer, it becomes part of the host colour. This means that the added Intensives colour is as permanent as the host colour.