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AMA Silhouette Black Scissor and Thinner Set

Product code: 1418

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  • 5.5" + Thinner - £78.00
  • 6" + Thinner - £78.00
  • AMA Silhouette Black Scissor and thinner Set is the perfect choice for the stylist who wants to stand out.
  • AMA Silhouette is a whole new look in the scissor world. Stylish, sleek and lightweight for the stylist who wants to use light, well balanced scissors.
  • The Scissor blades are the standard Joewell blades which are ideal for every style of cutting.
  • The thinning scissors have 28 teeth and come in the matching pattern.
  • Made from Japanese stainless steel which is easily cleaned ensuring that the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene is reached with every client.
  • Th scissors are made with offset handles for the stylists comfort when cutting for long periods of time.
  • Available in 5.75" - other designs are also available.