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Bubl Reusable Face Mask with 60 Filters

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  • The Buble mask is a CE Approved supple, see through mask with replaceable filters.
  • The ergonomically designed bubl is made from a flexible polymer that fits snugly around the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin. The shape of the mask is naturally ergonomic based on how people instinctively cup their hands to protect their nose and mouth.
  • The Bubl mask is 100% reusable and easily cleaned. The main body of the mask can be sterilised with spray or steam.
  • Uses an EZ Adjustable Fit with elastic straps which are adjustable and comfortable with a head strap adaptor to protect ears.
  • The Bubl masks are transparent, allowing for natural, empathetic communication by reducing barriers that are caused by traditional masks. You can see facial expressions, emotions, catch visual cues and even lipread.
  • The double filters can be changed daily. They simply twist and pop out. Each pair of filters offer 8 hours of use. This mask comes with 60 filters.