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Schwarzkopf Texture Craft Dry Texture Spray 300ml for Long Hair 300ml

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  • This texturising spray builds volume with a dry and tousled texture but maintains that all-important natural feeling to touch.
  • Also ensure hair is shiny with no visible residue or that 'crispy' hair feeling.
  • Spray for a superfine mist and even application.
  • Part of the Long Hair Texture Range from Osis.

  • Combine instant, effortless, natural texture with movement and length.
  • Achieve a beautifully soft, boho-look instantly - a reinvention for long hair styling. Say goodbye to heavy, sticky, artificial looking hair.
  • The range includes a dry texture spray, a soft volumising powder, a dry shampoo foam and a dry conditioner.
  • Uses innovative Friction Styling Technology by Schwarzkopf.

  • Flexible polymers with micro-raw particles that stick to hair strands.
  • Tousle hair with your fingers and the particles become tangled up and hold without stickiness resulting in incredible texture that can be reactivated with a scrunch of your hands.
  • Results: Lightweight texture, volume and root-lift.