Bronde Luxe: Created by Wella Professionals

Bronde Luxe: Created by Wella Professionals
We're used to Wella breaking new ground and the Bronde Luxe Collection is no different - it's Couture Colour at its finest and most creative.

Taking on-trend, popular colour and giving it a new lease of life. Think naturally Luxurious blondes and brunettes blending together harmoniously whilst taking on an undone, fairytale-like quality. Using shades from Illumina Color and Koleston Perfect Innosense you can achieve natural, sun-kissed results for your clients - giving mysterious depth to blonde and lifting brunettes into autumnal light.


Bronde that breathes life and light

- turning bronde into an intentionally created prestige colour with enticing nuances of pearl, olive and coffee, pushing bronde in different colour spaces.

We've already seen reds transitioning from tizian red to sun-kissed strawberry, blondes from blueish ash to icy platinum, and dark hair from nearly black to violet.

Now in Autumn-Winter 2016, Bronde gets more than one face - a whole premium spectrum in a colour palette of shadowed light.


Bronde that breathes life and light

- inspired by touchable textures and luscious furs, the irresistible softness of bold wooden knits or cashmere, precious layered light silks, smooth leather and even rich velvet.

These are the textures that stroke your skin and soothe your soul.

Bronde Look 1. Coffee Bronde

Bronde that breathes life and light

- She's alive with energy. The coffee brunette base was enhanced by adding light to create various dimensions. This wakes up the natural curly texture, worn casual but with an editorial flair.

Bronde Look 2. Dark Luminosity with ILLUMINA

Polished olive bronde showcases a spectrum of subtle cool shades

- from dark brunette to cool olive shades, this is a colour technique that creates light effects into a shadowed dark base created with circular placement of colours on top of each other. The super-premium look is crafted by creating a smooth and luscious hair surface, combined with long natural glam layers and soft, flat, relaxed waves.