1. Do you have to be a business to buy from Salon Supplies?

We are a trade-only wholesaler and only sell to professionals in the hair, beauty or barbering industry. This includes freelancers and students.

2. Where do you sell?

Currently, we only sell to and deliver within Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

3. How can I speak to your Customer Service Team?

You can give our Customer Service Team a Call from a landline on 0844 3356 121 or from a mobile 02380 227722. They are available between 8am and 6pm. Outside of those hours you can always email info@salonsupplies.co.uk

4. Can I get a quote for some Furniture?

No problem, just email furniture@salonsupplies.co.uk with the following information:

Your name:
Salon name:
Salon address:
Phone number:
What did you want to buy/rent?
How many did you want to buy/rent?:

Do you have any other specific details or questions regarding renting this item/these items?

5. Do you have any discount codes running at the moment?

Unless our Home Page features a live discount code, we don't have any running at the moment, but if you sign up to our e-newsletter at the bottom of the Home Page - we'll email you the next time a discount code goes live.

6. Can you give me any discounts if I buy in bulk?

Our website displays all of our standard offers, deals and discounts but if you would like to discuss bespoke bulk discounts - please give our Customer Service Team a call (from a landline 0844 3356 121, from a mobile 02380 227722).

7. The item I want is out of stock - when will it be back?

Unfortunately, if we are out of stock of a product it is because we are struggling to get hold of it from the manufacturer and we usually don't have information on when it will be available again. But once it is, our website will be updated so feel free to check back as often as you want.

8. How long will it take for my order to get to me?

If the stock is at our main warehouse (sometimes we may need to recall stock from one of our other depots) and the order is placed before 2pm, then we will usually dispatch it within 1 working day and DPD/APC delivers it within 1 to 2 working days after that.

For Furniture Orders - as most furniture we supply is custom made and shipped from the manufacturer, it depends on your location and what they have at their warehouse.

If you email furniture@salonsupplies.co.uk the following information they can find out for you:

Your name:
Salon name:
Salon address:
Phone number:
What item/How many did you want?

9. Why can't I buy ASP/Affinage products in my basket?

We are only permitted to sell ASP products in . We can also only sell ASP in our Sussex (Rustington), Cornwall, Trowbridge, Isle of Wight stores. Alternatively, you can buy Affinage products online directly from their website https://asphair.com/shop/

10. How can I set up an account with you?

When you make an order through our website, we check your information (name, address, etc) to make sure you're a registered professional in the hair industry and set you up an account in our database which we will assign any orders you make going forwards.

Alternatively if you order over the phone or in-store, we will take your information before payment.

If you are interested in setting up a credit account with us and paying monthly - please call our Customer Service Team (from a landline 0844 3356 121, from a mobile 02380 227722).

11. I have a 'Pending Payment' on my bank statement / When will I receive a refund for any out of stock items?

Our payment system works on 'deferred payments' which means that we only take the amount of money needed when we ship the order out to you. When you first place your order, you will see the total as an outgoing 'pending payment' in your bank account

When we see what is out of stock on your order, we only take the amount needed to cover what was in stock and that 'pending payment' becomes an official outgoing payment but only for the amount that covers what was in stock. Instead of any refunds.

12. Why does my order total include VAT?

We are a VAT registered business selling to other VAT registered businesses.

Being in the trade doesn't mean you don't pay VAT, it means it is separately itemised on your bill so you can claim it back from HMRC if you are a business that is VAT registered. If you are not a VAT registered business then you must still pay VAT on your orders.

13. What is my account number?

Only customers that have a credit account with us (pay a monthly bill) need an account number. If you do not have a credit account with us, you can leave this field blank when placing an order or setting up an account.

14. I've changed my mind about the item I bought. How can I return it to you?

We have a returns form for you to fill in, that needs to go in a secure box with the item(s) you are returning. You can then take it to the post office or arrange a courier yourself.

Once we have the parcel back here, we'll refund the products.

If a product is damaged, please contact our Customer Service Team with a photo via info@salonsupplies.co.uk

15. Where is Salon Supplies located?

Our head office is in Southampton and we have 9 stores across the South of England. See our map.

16. How can I get a Sales Rep to see me?

Call our Customer Service Team or send an email to info@salonsupplies.co.uk with the following information:

Your name:
Salon name:
Salon address:
Phone number:
Any other important information about your business:

17. Can I collect my order from one of your stores?

Yes, choose the store (pick up point) of your choice in the basket and then choose 'Store Collection' as your delivery option at the checkout just before payment. Please note that Store Collection orders have to paid for in-store. If you pay with a card or with Klarna online, that payment will be cancelled. (This in case of any out of stocks etc).

18. How can I pay with my credit account?

If you have a credit account, add your account number into your profile and then choose the 'Pay on Trade Account' option at the checkout. Your account number will be automatically added to your order and the order will be added to your account.