Get the Look: Sleek Wave

Get the Look: Sleek Wave

Cocktail recipe

  • 1 drop GLOSS BOOSTER
  • 1 drop HOLD BOOSTER
  • 2 parts SHAPE SWITCHER
  • 1 drop GLOSS BOOSTER
  • 4 sprays STYLE FIXER


  • Hands
  • Blow dryer
  • Comb
  • 1. Mix 1 drop of GLOSS BOOSTER and 1 drop of HOLD BOOSTER. Apply to damp hair on lengths

    at top.

    2. Using fingers to create lift at the top, blow-dry hair at the scalp in the direction of the style.

    3. Rub 2 parts of SHAPE SWITCHER Molding Paste in hands, then use to smooth down the back and sides.

    4. Add 1 drop of GLOSS BOOSTER to the top and work through with fingers and follow with a comb. This creates shine for a modern remake of the classic “wet look.”

    5. Use 4 sprays of STYLE FIXER Finishing Hairspray at the front to fix into desired shape.