Romantic Ronze from Matrix

Romantic Ronze from Matrix

The new colour for Valentine's Day has been named 'Romantic Ronze' (COPPERY RED + BRONZE) by Matrix's Perfect Colour Cupboard.

Debbie tells us:

“Ronze is a term used to promote red and rich bronze shades.”

“These combinations work perfectly to promote shine, richness and healthy hair for all clients.”

“Mixing it up with clever colour placement means you can keep busy in February, by offering clients a new look for 2016 and for Valentine’s Day!”

Sharon also tells us:

"Around 19% of salon-goers who are under 35 years old colour their hair red in salon*, so show off your colour creativity with Ronze shades this season.

Ronze is a softer, warmer look so you need to make sure you have the right reds raring to go in your #PerfectColourCupboard."

The Looks

Look 1: Colour Formulations

Formula A
  • Colorgrahphics Lift & Tone
  • 4 Parts Powder Lifter
  • 4 Parts Promoter 22Vol
  • 1 Part Neutral Toner
  • 1 Part Warm Toner
  • For Pre-lightened Details

    Formula B
    • 3 Parts Color Sync 5WM
    • 1 Part SOBOOST Copper
    • Color Sync Activator

      Refresh Option
      • 3 Parts Color Sync 5WM
      • 3 Parts Color Sync Clear
      • 1 Part SOBOOST Copper
      • Color Sync Activator


        Total Results
        • Color Obsessed Shampoo
        • Color Obsessed Conditioner


          • OIl Wonders Egyptian Hibiscus Color Caring Oil
          • Style Link Smooth Setter
          • Style Link Super Fixer
          • Vavoom Shape Maker

            Look 2: Colour Formulations

            Formula A: Regrowth Area
            • 3x parts 5WM
            • 1x part SOBOOST Copper
            • Matrix 10Vol Cream Developer

              Formula B
              • Mid-lengths and ends
              • 2 parts Color Sync 8RC+
              • 2 parts Color Sync 8M
              • 4 parts Color Sync Activator

                Refresh option
                • 2 parts Color Sync 8RC+
                • 2 parts Color Sync 8M
                • 4 parts Color Sync Activator

                  • Biolage Colorlast Shampoo
                  • Biolage Colorlast Conditioner
                  • Biolage Colorlast Cera-Repair

                    • Style Link Smooth Setter
                    • Style Link Gloss Booster
                    • Finish with Style Link Style Fixer

                      Look 3: Colour

                      Formula A
                      • 1 part 8RC
                      • 1 part 20Vol Matrix Cream Developer

                        Formula B
                        • 1 part 6Bc
                        • 2 parts 5C
                        • 3 parts 10Vol Matrix Cream Developer

                          • Total Results Curl Please Shampoo
                          • Total Results Curl Please Conditioner

                            • Total Results Curl Please Contouring Lotion

                              Look 4: Colour

                              FORMULA A
                              • COLORINSIDER 8CC+
                              • 30Vol Oil-Cream Developer

                                FORMULA B
                                • COLORINSIDER 7C
                                • 20Vol Oil-Cream Developer

                                  Refresh Option
                                  • 3 parts Color Sync 7CC+
                                  • 1 part SOBOOST Copper
                                  • 6 parts Color Sync Activator

                                    • Biolage Full Density Shampoo Biolage Full Density Conditioner
                                    • Biolage Full Density Densifying Spray

                                      Complexion Tips: Ronze can brighten up any complexion...

                                      DARK COMPLEXIONS
                                      If you have a deep skin tone, try a deep shade of ronze to flatter your complexion. Olive and darker complexions can pull off cooler blue-based versions.

                                      MEDIUM COMPLEXIONS
                                      Medium/tanned skin tones really complement golden ronze colours. If you're a natural brunette, you can play up your hair's warmth with amber bronze tones.

                                      FAIR COMPLEXIONS
                                      If you've got a pale skin tone, aim for a brighter shade. Fair, cool complexions work better with a more vibrant copper undertone. If you're already a natural redhead, he recommends using a colour gloss to enhance your colour.
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