Salon Supplies' Consultation Guide

Salon Supplies' Consultation Guide
Competition in the hair & beauty industry is getting ever tougher and as we learn more about the science and chemistry behind our hair and the products we use, salons need to step up the services that they offer. With each new revelation and advancement we realise how different every man and woman is and how important it is to treat them as individuals and to make their visit to the salon a professional service from start to finish.

Salon Supplies has come up with this guide to help you make a start towards utilising 'Prescriptive' Consultations and better communication with your customers which will ultimately improve your service and your business.

1. The Initial Consultation - WHAT Should You Do?

Stylist/Colourist - Consultation Advice

  • How would you describe the condition of your hair? (normal, oily, damaged, dry, brittle, unruly)
  • How would you describe your scalp? (normal, sensitive, dry, tight, flaky, oily)
  • Do you have problems managing or styling your hair? (hold, shine, texture)
  • If you could improve the condition of your hair what would you change? (volume, shine, colour protection, sun protection, smoothness, strength, softness, moisture).
  • What products are you currently using? (volumising, shine, colour protection, sun protection, smoothing, strengthening, moisturising).
  • What tools do you use to style your hair on a daily basis? (straighteners, tongs, dryers etc).
  • Advise accordingly

WHY Should You Do This?

  • Professional diagnosis of the client’s hair type and condition
  • Discover any problems with hair or scalp
  • Provide individual solutions e.g.
  • Specific shampoos and conditioners
  • Conditioning Treatments
  • Scalp products
  • Shine Services
  • Styling Products

2. Backwash Area - WHAT Should You Do?

Junior Stylist - Advise Client Backwash

  • Explain what products are being used on hair/scalp and benefits.
  • Offer ‘super condition’ opportunity prior to technical work e.g. glossing treatment
  • Head massage if available

WHY Should You Do This?

  • Keeps the client informed in the process
  • Shows client that all staff are concerned with their hair condition
  • Gives client choice of services
  • Improves the client experience

3. Cut and Colour - WHAT Should You Do?

Colourist/Stylist - Complete Cut/Recommend Colour Service

Explain the importance of using the correct professional Haircare products in order to:
  • Maintain the vibrancy of colour
  • Maintain the ‘salon look’
  • Maintain the feel and condition of the hair
Place products on the styling station

WHY Should You Do This?

  • Shows client that the Salon is concerned with their hair condition and colour vibrancy
  • Improves the client experience
  • Shows the clients what products have been used to create their style

4. Styling Session - WHAT Should You Do?

Stylist - Complete Styling/Advise Client Recommended Product

Explain how products can style and affect the hair e.g.
  • hold factors
  • shine qualities
  • texture qualities
  • finishing
  • weight and volume
  • place products on counter
Recommend specific products to client to re-create the ‘salon look’

WHY Should You Do This?

  • Shows you are concerned with creating the right look for the client
  • Gives client choice of products
  • Improves the client experience

5. Finishing Session and Payment - WHAT Should You Do?

Stylist/Receptionist - Ensure client is happy/Pass client to receptionist

  • Ask if the client has the right products to maintain the colour, style and look at home
  • Explain any current salon product promotions that may be relevant
  • Thank client for visiting
  • Ask client if they are happy with the experience today
  • Point out the retail area of the salon and that the client is welcome to browse or buy products

WHY Should You Do This?

  • Keeps the client informed in the process
  • Shows client that you are concerned with their hair condition
  • Improves the client experience
  • Gets useful feedback on the service

Top Tips:

  • Salon Retailing is not about a ‘hard sell’, it is about passing on professional knowledge and advising clients on what is best for them.
  • The positive experience of the client in the salon is critical for success and offering products and services assists this process.
  • Communication is key – talk to the client, ask questions, explain what you are doing, explain why products may be good for them.
  • It is important that retail products are attractively displayed, the stand is well stocked and well lit where clients can browse products.

    See the full version below - Print it out and stick it on the wall of your Salon.