The Drying Revolution

The Drying Revolution

The hairdryer has remained practically unchanged since its invention in the 1920s. A single fan blowing air over a heated element has been the design principle that all hairdryers have followed – until now.

The Collexia Compact is the dryer of the future, cutting down on drying time, is energy efficient and leaves hair in tip-top condition. The unique patented dual-fan system doubles the volume of airflow the dryer is able to produce. While other dryers have reduced drying times by increasing heat, the Collexia CHP Compact vastly improves drying time without excessive, hair-damaging heat – by up to 50%. Plus unlike traditional dryers that require a longer, heavier body to house larger energy-sapping heating elements, the dual-fan system means the Collexia only requires a small heater, resulting in it being up to a third smaller than other dryers.

But that’s not all. The Collexia dryer is unique in being able to deliver a hair enriching conditioning treatment while you blow-dry. Specially formulated treatment pods fit into the dryer and apply an enriching and shine enhancing treatment while you style and finish the hair. There are three treatment formulas, and as they are applied while blow-drying it’s a quick and easy way to keep clients’ hair looking great, and for you to earn extra revenue for your salon.


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