The Grey Hair Movement

The Grey Hair Movement
A few years ago, we would never have believed that men and women would be choosing to dye their hair grey but in 2015, Grey Hair for Fashion, hit the beauty industry and changed everything.

And it wasn't just a short-term trend, no one can deny the longevity of the grey hair movement or 'granny-hair.' Exploding into fashion and influencing hair artists, celebrities and people of all ages all over the world! And this in turn helped those with naturally grey hair to embrace it, opening the conversation towards colouring just as anyone with blonde, brown, black or red hair has. Eventually - hair magazines, websites and trend-books will state grey as a category of its own - and that's how it should be.

Most of us will be grey one day and until now, we never really appreciated the beauty in the shade of - grey.

There are so many options now when it comes to going grey:

- Other hues can be incorporated such as blue, pink and lilac (although blue rinse has always been quite traditional anyway).

- It can have a metallic sheen or a smokey matte look.

- You can opt for anything from bright white to mousey brown.

In fact, grey has allowed us to question what we associate with this hair colour and what suits it the best. We've seen hair styling inspired by the shade such as 'Unicorn Ponytails' and 'Fantasy Braids' as well as shadowing, highlighting and more.

And lets not forget the naturally silver haired who have chosen to embrace the grey instead of hiding it as society - especially women were expected to do in the past.

You cannot deny the ethereal maturity that silvery grey hair represents. It is no longer a sign of old-age and irrelevance but wisdom and strength.

And celebrities around the world have taken on the look for themselves developing the trend further and allowing it to continue to develop and come up with new ideas.

Showbiz veteran-heroines like Dame Judi Dench and grey-haired pioneer Jamie Lee Curtis stand proud alongside new-comers and even silver-haired men to inspire an entire world audience and redefine what it means to be grey.

Professional brands have made campaigns based on grey hair. Helping hairdressers and colourists in salons to understand how to create with grey for every individual as well as care for it.

Let's take a look at some of our favourite Professional Hair Products developed especially for those with natural and fashion grey hair:

Hair Colour and Toning

1. Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Absolutes SilverWhite 60ml

The ultimate in grey hair colour from the professionals at Schwarzkopf. Available in four different shades: Silver, Dove Grey, Slate Grey and Grey Lilac. You can have anything from natural light or dark grey to a warmer brown or cooler lilac shade.

It's an ideal choice for natural grey too as the transparent effect brings out any natural silver sheen, and grows out virtually seamlessly at the hairline. At the same time, the siliamine and collagen complex builds up the hair, restoring its youthful freshness.

Part of the range is the Bright Spray which is the perfect partner.

2. Affinage INFINITI Gothic Series 100grm

These natural looking grey shades are suitable for use on natural white or grey hair and on hair pre-lightened to very light blonde so can be used for fashion colours too.

Affinage Infiniti is a great colour range as it uses an advanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technology along with Shea Butter and Argan Oil to ensure beautiful, even results with incredible shine for healthier-looking hair.

3. Graphite and Silver Crazy Color

If you're looking for a semi-permanent grey then Crazy Colour should be your go-to brand. They've just released a new Graphite shade which is an on-trend dark grey and shows up really well on lightened and blonde hair.

If you're looking to refresh an already light grey or platinum style then silver is a perfect brightener.

4. Affinage Spectrum Pigment 150ml

Another product from Affinage and this time it's a toner. As grey is easily affected by various elements, a great way to keep those cool, ashy tones is to use a toner.

The Spectrum range highlights and tones in one and there is choice of blue or purple for grey hair keeping those unwanted yellow tones at bay.

5. Matrix Colorgraphics Lift & Tone Cool Toners

Another option for getting your grey just right is Colorgraphics from Matrix - an off-scalp only highlighting system that lightens, tones and conditions in one simple step.

Silverising Hair Care

Silverising Shampoos are a must for anyone looking to keep their grey hair clean and bright. They are often very dark violet in colour and wash out any unwanted debris that causes dullness and brassiness leaving bright, cool silver. The best news is that all Professional Hair Care brands have their own versions all you have to do is choose your favourite.

L'Oreal Professional
Schwarzkopf Professional

Colour Correcting Treatments

As well as washing our hair with a shampoo that helps keep grey hair bright, since the explosion of the Grey Hair Movement, many Colour Correcting Treatments have also been formulated. These do a variety of things from adding subtle shades and hues to grey hair to softening and conditioning it making them perfect for dyed and natural grey hair alike!

1. Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Absolutes SilverWhite Bright Spray 350ml

First up we have this 'Bright Spray' developed especially for Silver hair.

It fights free radicals. Its natural purifying agents remove everyday impurities and atmospheric pollution, leaving hair fresh, clean and visibly brighter meaning that your grey hair is cared for and illuminated.

2. Wella Color Fresh 75ml in 0/6 Violet

A semi-permanent colour that works as a refresher of colour and tones in-between salon appointments.

As it's so easy for cool blonde and silver tones to fade and be affected by factors around us this product is a brilliant premium service you can offer your client to keep their grey hair looking its best and cared for.

3. LOreal Color Correcting Cream for Blondes CC Cream

By now we've all heard of Colour Correcting when it comes to our skin tone - primers and foundations that use green or red or violet to cancel out unwanted tones in our skin to create an unblemished surface - and now you can do the same for your hair with this Color Corrector.

Not only does its intense violet cream keep your grey hair looking cool, but it also leaves your hair soft and silky.

4. Revlon Nutri Color Creme in White or Platinum

This is another 'between-appointments' colour treatment that also nourishes the hair as it maintains the cool tones in your grey or silver hair.

5. Osmo Violet Protect and Tone Styler 125ml

A Colour Corrector combined with a styling product. Protects against heat damage AND unwanted brassiness whilst restoring your cool grey and keeping it luminous!

Natural Grey Hair Care Recommendations

Now that society is able to appreciate the beauty of natural grey hair - we also have to accept that taking care of it is slightly different than what we are used to.

Overall it can feel dryer and experience more frizz, whilst also being finer and easily weighed down by products. As your hair stops producing colour pigments, your natural colour is diluted creating that 'grey' shade. The scalp also produces less oil and proteins which accounts for the dryness and fineness.

However in this day and age, you do not need to worry about any of these things. There are so many great products out there that can give your hair a little helping hand and keep it looking and feeling its best.

Affinage Kitoko Age Prevent range - includes a cleanser, balm and a tonic. With Blue Lotus to help stimulate circulation and keep your hair strong and moisturised.
Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose range - includes a shampoo, conditioner, pre-shampoo oil and a mousse. Replenishes the oil to your hair and scalp without weighing it down.
Matrix Miracle Morpher Kick Up Protein 500ml - gives hair a little protein kick adding thickness and volume from root to tip.
Nioxin range - the ultimate in hair care for hair that is thinning or looks sparse. Just choose the system that's been formulated for you.