The Salon Experience - Prescriptive Consultations

The Salon Experience - Prescriptive Consultations
In this day and age we have access to more hair knowledge and science than ever before. Combine this with real customer care and passion and you get the perfect Salon Experience - starting with the 'Prescriptive Consultation.'

In the past, hair salons and hairdressers were the only real beautifying experience in peoples' lives. But nowadays, we have experts in other areas carrying out everything from luxurious facials, nail-bars, massaging and even complete health spas offering all of the above!

Have you noticed how much more attentive and bespoke these services are than a common visit to the hairdressers? Surely, hair deserves the same kind of care and attention - just because getting our hair cut is the norm across all age groups and genders, and some would say it is a lifestyle necessity, doesn't mean it shouldn't be an enjoyable experience.

In fact, with client/customer retention being the most crucial factor in the ongoing success of a hair salon, it's vital that you look to evolve the way you and your staff carry out hair appointments. Use new scientific knowledge alongside healthy industry competition to make you and your business better in every way.

The process begins as soon as a new or existing client walks through your door. You should address them immediately, even if you are with another client. A quick 'take a seat and someone will be right with you,' will go a long way towards making them feel comfortable and appreciated. It's a good idea to have a member of staff manning a front desk or waiting area station to perhaps offer some magazines or a drink while a customer waits.

Then comes the 'Prescriptive Consultation' called such because it should be carried out at the start of every single appointment, whether the client is new and this is their first time or they are a regular and this is their 100th! You need to be sure that you understand all aspects of their hair's needs and the more information the better. Consider the following points as a place to start:

  • What do you do? Any big changes in your life recently?
  • How do you style/wear your hair naturally?
  • What is your home hair care routine? What products are you using?
  • What are you hoping to achieve with today's appointment?
  • Do you have any issues or concerns regarding your hair?
  • What would you improve/change about your hair if you could?
  • Do you have any photos of your hair you like/don't like? Let's look at some photos of possible hair ideas.

Research has shown that the majority of hair salon clients don't feel they received an in-depth, consultation even when the stylists believed they had carried one out. This tells us that there is so much room to grow in this area and you can really use this opportunity to help every angle of your business and ultimately increase your sales.

Essentially what you want to do is ensure you carry out the perfect hair service on your client while making them feel important and appreciated. Hair can constantly change and it is your job to recognize this. Your clients should be receiving your specialist knowledge, not just your skills in cutting and colouring hair when they hand over their money at the end.

Their hair condition could change at any time which means that their hair care should change too - damaged hair could be given a keratin treatment one month, but then, so as not to over-keratinize the hair, it might need to be moved onto a more moisturising hair care routine the next. This kind of consultation will do nothing but reinforce your role as a trusted advisor and give you the close relationship you need to retain your clients. And with this kind of in-depth analysis, you are also giving them every reason to buy the specialist products you recommend them from your salon (not just leave and buy supermarket brands between appointments), increasing your profits even further.

Be the place that made their hair better, not just cut it the way they wanted.

Continue to give your client this kind of attention all the way through their hair wash, cut and even style. Show them the products you used, why you are using it on them specifically and how you managed to get their hair looking so full of volume (for example) so that they can do it for themselves at home. If you can show your clients the individual attention they deserve they will leave your salon with every intention of returning and will also tell their friends about the wonderful experience they had with you.