2022's Latest Hair Trend: Copper!

2022's Latest Hair Trend: Copper!
You've probably seen hair coloured copper a lot in recent years. The colour has popped up infrequently throughout 2020 and 2021. Musicians like Suga from BTS and Models like Gigi Hadid were stunning their audiences with the metallic tone just last year, but the popularity hadn't exploded until recently when numerous celebrities started dyeing their hair in numerous coppery shades.
Some amazed their fans with their new red hair at shows and galas, like Actor Zendaya did at the Oscars. Others took to showing their instagram followers their new peachy hairdo like Artists Halsey or Jennie Kim of BlackPink fame. With such a positive reaction to such gorgeous colours, it can't be a surprise that the colour has started to pick up as a trend. Especially with the recent summer weather; red hair just shines beautifully in sunny weather after all!
A quick browse through social media apps can show you so many pretty shades of the copper-red-rose variety. And many of those photos are accumulating thousands of likes due to the popularity of the hair style. 
If you'd like to experiment with this shade, or have had clients inquire about this trend, we've started to get semi permanent colouring of the copper variety. Wella is one such company leading the way with their four new subtle rose shades! You can find out more here.