9 Reasons to buy your salon and barber supplies from a Wholesaler

9 Reasons to buy your salon and barber supplies from a Wholesaler
9 Reasons to buy your salon and barber supplies from a Wholesaler | Salon Supplies HJi recently featured an article in the July edition of their magazine by Salon Supplies Marketing Manager Bav Dhanda on this topic. Here is a quick run through for all those of you that prefer online reading...

In the old days, professional salon product wholesalers were dusty 'cash and carry' shops. As the general public never stepped through their doors - they didn't have the same shiny, glamorous appeal that high street shops did and still do.

These days, things have changed. We are now easy-to-access, easy to explore, spacious premises housing the latest products and best promotions on the market. They are staffed by fully trained teams ready to offer you support and advice on whatever you need from early in the morning to late in the evening and even on weekends.

Not only that, but with the evolution of online shopping wholesalers now utilise their online presence so that any hairdresser or barber can buy what they need around the clock and have it dispatched within 24 hours in most cases.

Here are the top 8 reasons why wholesalers and in particular, Salon Supplies, should be your first port of call for advice, inspiration and expertise on all things HAIR AND BEAUTY..

1. Face to Face Consultations

Our store teams are on hand during every visit to advise and offer their knowledge on anything that you need. They have extensive knowledge on every product from what shampoos are 'sulphate-free' to which wand produces the tightest curls and more. They can even make bespoke suggestions on the supplies that you might not even know you need in the circumstance that you may have overlooked something.

2. Everything you need in one place

The obvious advantage to visiting a wholesaler is that everything you could possibly want is in one place. In one visit you could pick up your salon essentials, your favourite tube of colour, a backwash sized shampoo and anything else you have run out of and need urgently.

3. Our dedicated Customer Service Team

If you are unable to visit a store in person, they are just a phone call away and ready to answer any questions you have about your account, the products we sell or to take an order that you need.

4. Our Furniture Experts..

We don't just sell hair and beauty products - we also have a dedicated Furniture Team that are responsible for knowing everything there is to know about salon and barber furniture from big brands like REM and Takara Belmont. If you are planning a salon makeover, they can offer you advice on the whole process. View styling chairs and try out backwash systems before you buy. And if you need help with the design, they can offer refurbishments and 3D plans to show you exactly what the new furniture in your new salon will look like.

5. Salon Supplies Online

Our trade-only website is easy to browse and updated regularly with the latest products and promotions. Orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours and products can be delivered straight to your door. Our website is also responsive meaning you can make orders from your smart phone or tablet whenever and wherever you are.

6. E-Newsletters and Social Media

We send Email Newsletters twice a month informing you of the latest promotions on offer and all things new from your favourite brands. We even sometimes send out specials with discount vouchers so sign up now on our website home page and make sure you're always up to date. We also announce product news and entertain on our Social Media platforms - so give us a Like on Facebook and a Follow on Twitter and Instagram.

7. We are partnered with HJi

You can also read great articles and get special discounts at certain times if you are a follower of HJi.

8. Our Fantastic Sales Team

Not only can you make orders from us by phone, in-store and online, we also have our Sales Force so if you need someone to visit your salon in person they can present you with the latest must-haves direct to your door making sure you never miss out. Because they get to know you personally, they can also give you suggestions of the things you need and perhaps any new products you'd like to try.

9. Our Education Opportunities

Lastly, we offer education in conjunction with top hairdressers and colour houses like Matrix. Whether its on-site or off-site it is very often at a local level. These education sessions are perfect for bringing you and your salon staff up to date with the latest trends in hair cutting and colour.

These are just 9 services that we offer to you as wholesalers but if you have any questions or queries at all for us regarding the above - please don't hesitate ask - in person, over the phone or online.