Ask our Furniture Expert

Ask our Furniture Expert

At Salon Supplies, we have over 50 years-experience and a dedicated furniture department who specialise in professional salon design for the hair and beauty industry. Our experts understand the needs of salon owners and can provide advice to assist with making the best salon furniture decisions for your business.

We understand that your salon should feel like a second home and that’s why we offer a wide range of furniture to tailor to your personal needs and wants. Creating an environment that's comfortable and inviting, our furniture is designed to fit in seamlessly with your salon. Our selection of salon furniture is made with durability and modern styling in mind – always staying ahead of industry trends.

In the most recent Hairdresser’s Journal, our Furniture Manager 'Lee Hamilton' shared his expert opinion on all thing’s furniture related.

Hairdresser's Journal is known as the "ultimate resource" or the "industry bible" for the hairdressing industry. Highlighting areas across hair, beauty and fashion from the UK and across the world each month. It is a trusted source of information and inspiration for hairdressers, offering advice and guidance from industry experts with decades of experience. 

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Salon Supplies has been in assoication with HJ for 12 years.

Not only do you want your salon to feel like a second home, we want your client to also feel their absolute best. In order to achieve this, we must account for a multitude of factors (even some that you may have not realised were that important!).

Covering areas as such ‘using furniture to enhance brand identity' to ‘price point over quality’. Lee delves into the expertise that he offers each individual that visits our showrooms, or to those who need furniture advise.


Have you ever considered that shadows from above can create unwanted lines on the hair as you cut?

Lee suggests that to avoid this issue, "you should integrate light around your styling stations, whether that be integrated into your unit or through wall lights".

By creating a properly illuminated workstation, you can precisely sculpt and shape hair with accuracy and ease.

How would you go about using furniture to compliment or enhance your salon's brand identity?

Did you know that at Salon Supplies, what you see is not always what you have to get? You can implement your brand colours through hundreds of fabrics or laminate choices. Lee even states that you can go as far as "adding stitched logos to the back of some furniture items".

Customization options let you put your own spin on any piece. From fabric choices to branded upholstery, you can bring your salon's brand and vision to life.

Do you sometimes sacrifice on the quality of your furniture pieces due to the price point?

It is understandable that purchasing quality pieces of furniture may set you back more than expected. We want you to be able to have the quality you want without you having to worry about the cost, and that is why we offer 'leasing' your furniture!

Lee proposes the cost efficient method to 'achieve your dream salon'. You having the freedom to "pay for it in monthly instalments, whilst you earn money from using it".

It's the perfect solution to making sure your dream salon is well within reach!


Lee continues the article by advising on 'how to enhance a small space', what is more important, comfort, function or style?' and so much more..

You can read the full article below (Page 17).
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