Boost The Rainbow- L’Oréal Professionnel

Boost The Rainbow- L’Oréal Professionnel

By Jonnie McKinnon

Senior Indirect Education Developer, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

Having a limited range of shades can be challenging, especially when it comes to toning as you can never predict how the hair will lift, the pigments that will be exposed or last minute requests from the clients!

Dialight Boosters are the perfect enhancement to the Dialight Portfolio.

Their highly saturated reflects allow for full customisation of shares, creative mixtures or making a brand new, bespoke colour for your client. 

Boosters take the panic out of stock levels, and puts you, the Pro in full control.

[New Dia Light Boosters]

6 New Shades for infinite colour possibilities.

Image of the Dia Light Boosters

  • Intermix with any Dia Light for personalised results
  • Intensify reflects
  • The cool shades help boost neutralisation 

[Pro Squad Look]

"The Dia Light Boosters mean creating formulas with endless possibilities. They allow me to be more creative and create even more personalised colours for each individual. I love that I can use them both creatively and commercially. Intermixing them into my everyday formulas pushes them to the next level!" 

Rachel created this amazing look using the Dia Light Copper Booster.

  1. Prepare the hair with Metal Detox.
  2. Lightened with Blond Studio 9 Levels Bonder Inside and 20 vol.
  3. Toned with NEW pure Copper Dia Light Booster.

[The Perfect Booster Partner]

Metal Detox is the perfect way to prepare the hair for the colder months, and eliminate summer discolouration in just a few sprays.

Colour results have never been better, and now with the Metal Detox Oil you can ensure your clients hair gets the ultimate care 365 days a year.

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I love to see our products performance in the hands of you, the Pro. 

Jonnie x