ColorPHlex FAQs

ColorPHlex FAQs

Do I have to leave step two on for 10 minutes?
To achieve optimum benefits ten minutes is desired processing time

You can cut hair while processing then rinse and finish hair

Do I have to shampoo after step one?

Always follow color manufactures direction for color or bleach removal. Do NOT shampoo after Step Two just rinse.

What is the vegetable protein in product?
It is potato protein

Are there any dangerous chemicals in ColorPHlex™?
No. colorpHlex™ is free of parabens, sulfates, MI/MCI, formaldehyde, PEG’s and Triclosan.

Will heat make the product work faster?
Yes. However, it is not necessary with color processing and you need to watch the client’s hair very carefully, to be sure to not over-process. Heat is good when using colorpHlex™ as a standalone hair conditioner.

Do I have to increase my volume of developer when lightening hair?
No need to do so, simply add three droppers into one scoop of lightener.

Do I need to add more time when I use ColorPHlex™?
Not usually. Every customer is different. You may need to add 2-5 minutes to the processing time or up to 10 minutes for grey resistant hair. Watch the client’s hair carefully toward the end.

Will ColorPHlex™ work on previously treated hair?
Yes. colorpHlex™ can be used on Keratin treated, relaxed, and permed hair. 

How many applications in a two ounce bottle of step one? What does it cost per application?
There are 16 applications in a two ounce bottle of Step One; cost per application is £1.58

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