Are You Making the Most of Your Semis? Semi Heroes 2023 (Featuring Shinefinity, Pulp Riot, Crazy Color and Kadus)

Are You Making the Most of Your Semis?  Semi Heroes 2023 (Featuring Shinefinity, Pulp Riot, Crazy Color and Kadus)

Semi permanent hair colour services are becoming more popular and evolving faster than ever. They can achieve anything from a colour refresh to a colour correction and even a bold and bright vivid colour. Even better still, they are less damaging than permanent colour. Make sure you have some semi permanent services on your menu to ensure your clients are getting the most out of their visits with you and they may even convince them come in more often.

Here are some of our favourite semi permanent brands and some of the gorgeous work that hair artists have done with them as part of their tool kit.

Ribbon Lights - Shinefinity



Enhance those clients that love a waved or a curled look with these 'ribbon' inspired highlights. Bold yet ethereal all at the same time and with Shinefinity can be neutral, warm or cool toned. 


Shinefinity is still a relatively new product but is fast becoming a firm favourite for colourists. Google Searches for Shinefinity are on the rise and it's easy to see why thanks to its endless colour and correcting possibilities as well as its 'glaze' like finish. 


Bright Vivid Palettes - Crazy Color

Crazy Color has been around since 1977 and its pink bottle is iconic amongst colorists and clients that live in a bright, bold and vivid world. It's affordable and highly flexible, allowing you to create a variety of melting, vivid looks with no developer needed.

Dark Vivid Palettes - Pulp Riot

Vivid semi permanent shades don't always need to be bright shades on level 10+ hair. The Shadow Collection from Pulp Riot is intense, mysterious and deep. Made for Level 6 hair and above.

If you ever need technical advice on any Pulp Riot products, just book yourself a one on one with an educator here.




#pulpriotshadowcollection hashtag on Instagram • Photos and videos

Multi-Purpose Colour Revive, Correction and Shine - Kadus

 Kadus Colour

Kadus' demi-permanent colour is Ammonia free and has 51 shades to choose from to achieve a variety of shades up to level 10 including this caramel #Foilayage and much more. It can be used on its own or paired with permanent colou to create a perfect color balance from roots to ends and up to 50% shine and grey coverage.