Dia Majirel - L’Oréal Professionnel

Dia Majirel - L’Oréal Professionnel

By Nicola Chamberlain

Wholesale Education Manager, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

Dia Majirel,


Why are we the perfect partners? Why do we go so well together?

We are like bread and butter, gin and tonic and pen and paper, perfect just perfect!

This perfect partnership has been going for years but, we must remind ourselves why is it so good:

  • It creates glossy, luminous reflections and a mirror shine whilst respecting the integrity of the hair.
  • A red carpet finish.
  • Quick and easy application.

Let’s have a look at the French Glossing technique showing the perfect partnership of both Majirel and Dia.



Deeper tone on roots to set the depth. Majirel 7.43.


2-levels lighter warm tone on lengths to bring luminosity & contrast. 

Mixture 1: Dia Light 7.4 (40g) + Copper Booster (10g).

Mixture 2: Dia Light 8.43 (40g) + Gold Booster (10g).


Now you know how to boss that bronze gloss, here's how you can improve it! See what our very own Pro Squad Member Rachel Valentine thinks of the Dia Light Clear 250ml...

“I can’t live without the Dia Light Clear 250ml! Not only is it way more handy having it in a squeeze tube, it has made me more experimental with my formulas, being able to add different amounts to personalise the toner to the client.

My favourite thing to do, with the clear, is adding it into a toner when the client has porous hair, which prevents the toner from grabbing and allows me more time to apply, for better results!

It's also a great add on service if a client has an event, or is getting married. I will use the clear to add lots of shine and gloss to the hair and the clients love it!"

As you can see, it's just perfect!

Nicola x