'Didn't even try' Shape & Shine for your hair

'Didn't even try' Shape & Shine for your hair
Texture and shorter hair (bobs and lobs) was the mainstay look of 2015 but with the catwalks of Spring 2016, we are starting to see this evolve into something more polished & natural.
The effect you are going for is essentially looking like you didn't even try - your hair effortlessly soft, shiny, young, fresh and, above all, HEALTHY.

Here are our top 3 hair products and tips to help you along your way.

1. Cleansing Conditioners

Cleansing conditions are essentially shampoos that clean your hair. If you suffer from dry, damaged or course hair then you really want to look into using something like this.
When you use your regular shampoo, it is cleaning your hair but at the same time, it is stripping it of healthy and natural oils that your hair produces. Cleansing Conditioners like the ones from Matrix's Biolage Range will clean your hair whilst leaving it's natural oils behind. This will make your hair more healthy overall and help it to shine, grow longer and become smoother looking. As hair can create too much oil over time (especially at the roots) you will probably want to alternate using this with your favoured standard shampoo and conditioner.

2. Hair Oil

Hair Oil is perfect for giving your hair some extra shine whilst nourishing it. If you are prone to oily hair, don't use it in the roots. A light oil like L'Oréal Mythic Oil is perfect in making your hair strong and smooth as it shines.

3. Coconut Treatments

Coconut oil is fantastic as it's natural and helps your hair in a number of ways including repairing it and providing frizz control, heat protection and shine. It's incredibly good at de-tangling hair and makes it easy to style too, so you won't need to pull and wrestle with it so much day to day. It even prevents split ends and adds body to the roots! The Uniq One Coconut Treatment is definitely something you want to look into. You can leave it in post-wash or use it as a conditioner. Whatever your hair needs.

We are loving this trend at Salon Supplies. Not only do you look fantastic but it also promotes healthy hair! We hope it sticks around...