Discover Color Touch

Discover Color Touch

Get into Fashion Forward Colour

Color Touch enables you and your clients to get into fashion forward colour. Experience the shine and vibrancy of a permanent colour with the low-commitment of a demi-permanent colour for clients that like to change their tone more regularly.


01 Light2 Color complex
02 Ammonia free* and infused with Keratin
03 High shine for stunning high fashion results
04 Low-maintenance & quick changes: it only takes from 5-20 minutes to get the look
05 Up to 50% grey/white coverage (up to 70% with Color Touch plus)
06 Simple mixing 1:2 ratio

Discover one of our Hairdresser's Favourites

Color Touch 55/65
55/65, one of our hairdresser's favourites is the perfect fashion accessory brand. Clients can change whenever inspiration hits. With a distinctive spectrum of hot pink, plum and violet, all rolled into one gorgeous shade.


Add Intensity of Tone to any Color Touch shade
Depending on the desired intensity, mix eg 20g Colour Touch shade + 10g Special Mix tone + 60g Color Touch Emulsion.

To emphasise individual selections of the hair
Mix Special Mix with Colour Touch Emulsion in ratio 1:2

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