Discover the Latest TikTok Trend - #Hair-Journey

Discover the Latest TikTok Trend - #Hair-Journey

Over the past week, TikTok has seen a new trend called hair journeys. This hashtag (#hairjourney) shares videos of TikTok users sharing photos of themselves from over the years accompanied by a repeated segment of the song 'Baby Hotline' by Jack Stauber. Each photo has a caption attached about the hair style in the photo or the hair style that will pop up next.



@cupidxstay my hair journey 🥹 i had to make the audio even longer cuz i changed my hair way to often 🕺🏻 also i want pink hair again slay ig hahaha (i’m crying every day cuz my hair is totally damaged and broken and after i think about how to change it again…) || ig @cupidxstay #lovestay #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #FYP #03 #hairjourney #hairchange ♬ hair journey - melisa 🎀


This trend is a fun way to document the changes people have gone through and has caught the attention of thousands of TikTok users. The most popular video, as of writing this blog, by @cupidxstay has amassed an outstanding 1.2 million likes and has inspired even more TikTok videos! 




@mirandaalol my hair journey 🫣 #foryou #PrimeDayDreamDeals ♬ hair journey - Lea



It's a trend full of vibrant colours and uniquely styled hair that would be impossible without the talented hairdressers and enthusiastic stylists around the world. Our hair is a very important part of our everyday life and it's wonderful seeing a trend that focuses on that and the growth a person makes along with their choice of style.