Dry hair - simply!

Dry hair - simply!

Save money, time and hassle for your salon and use Simply Dry disposable towels. Check below to see how you could save up to 40% on using traditional towels!

Washing and drying cotton towels is expensive, time consuming and not as eco-friendly. Simplydry towels are far fresher and hygienic, completely biodegradable, 70% more absorbent plus cost a lot less....Below we break down the costs, and show you how much this may be costing you.

You may not realise it, but tumble drying is an expensive business. These are energy hungry using on average 3 KWH, number of towels per load is 20 with a drying time of 45 minutes, cost of machine drying cycle at £0.12 per KW = £0.27.

A washing machine on average uses 1.5KWH for a complete wash cycle 6kg load = £0.18 Washing powder £10.00 per 50 washes = £0.20 per wash

10 loads per week is a total of £6.50 for washing and drying alone!

The cost of staff will obviously vary, however based on calculating the cost of a junior member of staff at £2.70/per hour, and the time taken to do this at around 2 hours per day, the cost per load reaches £0.54 in staff cost.

Now the good bit - HOW MUCH DO YOU SAVE? Total cost to wash and dry a cotton salon towel £0.35/each. Simplydry towel £0.22/each. A total saving of £0.13/per towel does not sound much, however this doesn’t take into account wear and tear for replacement cotton towels, dryers or washingmachines which adds a further £350.00 annual saving. Meaning, based on 1000 towels per month - that is a saving of almost £2000.00 PER YEAR!!

It really will save you time and money - take a look here to see SimplyDry towels here.