Francesca's Fab Furniture

Francesca's Fab Furniture

Francesca Celeste Hair is a Salon in Kidderminster with a talented team of ten. The Salon Owner, Frankie, has won several competitions (such as Britain's Best Bridal Hair and L’Oréal ID Artist) and continues to strive for excellence; as you can see with all the little details in her beautiful salon.



There's the artificial flowers and greenery that create a welcoming, natural and vibrant environment. There's the beverage bar where the team is more than happy to pop the kettle on for you, creating a relaxing atmosphere. And then there's the furniture that was purchased from us 2 years ago when the Francesca Celeste Salon first opened (just 3 weeks before the first lockdown for Covid). 



Frankie had spent a long while deliberating on the furniture best for her, when she was setting up shop. She wanted something that was comfortable and stylish, and thanks to booking a consultation with Lee, our Furniture Manager, she was able to find exactly what she desired. The Karisma Miami Cloud Backwash and the Pietranera Zone Styling Chair; both personally tested by Frankie at our Showroom.



When asked, Frankie explained that the backwashes were some of the comfiest backwashes she has sat in and after two and a half years, clients still comment about how relaxing they are. The thing Frankie adored most about the chairs though, is the colour. She explained that she 'loved pink, but knew fully pink chairs would not be practical in a busy hair salon', but Lee came up with a solution: a matte black base with pink panels. The chairs are still prone to getting colour stains on them, of course, but it's much less noticeable and easy to wipe off with the primary colour being black.



It wasn't only the chairs and backwashes that came from us, but the mirrors, sides and trolleys. Frankie claims they all still look new and are 'fab'. 

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