Furniture Showroom Makeover + Updated Virtual Showroom

Furniture Showroom Makeover + Updated Virtual Showroom

In 2019 we at Salon Supplies launched the Virtual Showroom, a tour of our newly refurbished Furniture Showroom. Both the new Furniture Showroom and the Virtual Showroom were a success and we've strived to update both Showrooms to keep you, our loyal customers, up to date with the newest trends and models. Now, once again, we're here to keep you in the know with our latest Showroom: the 2022 edition! There are lots of new items, more than we've ever had before, for you to either physically try in person or have a gander at online!


Be amazed by the products from Pietranera, Karisma, REM, Welonda, Kiela, Takara Belmont and so much more. Experience the furniture in person and find the most comfortable Washpoint station for you and your customers. And don't forget to peruse the array of fabric swatches, so you'll be able to choose the colour that's perfect for you and your salon!


How the Virtual Tour Works…



There are numerous tools that'll help you to explore the Virtual Tour. The first tool is the mode the Virtual Tour will first put you in: the Explore 3D Space View. With this view you'll be able to click around the showroom and see every piece of furniture with a 360° view. The Explore 3D Space View will allow you to view the showroom as though you're there yourself, from the convenience of your computer at home. Though, unlike if you visit in person, each item is labelled with a large pink circle. Hovering over the circle, will bring up a box with the furniture's name, a link to the item on our website and a short description of the item (including dimensions). 


A Still Image of The Virtual Tour


The Dollhouse View will give you a 3D model of the entire showroom to be able to spin around. As the name implies, our showroom will look like a dollhouse, with the furniture pieces appearing like small accessories. You can use this view to gain a sense of space for all the furniture in the room and potential layouts.

The Floor Plan View is similar, but instead gives you a stationary bird's eye view of our showroom. With a full view of the room's layout, you'll be able to gauge the space between our products and gain inspiration for your own salon. 


A Doll House View of The 2022 Furniture Showroom


The final tool you can use to help you decide if a piece of furniture is for you is the measuring tool. With this final mode, you'll be able to measure any space you can see; find out the size of an item or the space between products with a couple clicks of your mouse. And if you're after a specific piece of furniture you can use the search bar in the top left corner to quickly take you to that item with one click!