Get the Look: Sleek Scene

Get the Look: Sleek Scene

Cocktail recipe

  • 2 drops GLOSS BOOSTER
  • 2 parts SMOOTH SETTER
  • 7 sprays HEAT BUFFER
  • 2 drops GLOSS BOOSTER
  • Tools

  • Hands
  • Blow dryer
  • Cushion brush
  • Straighteners
  • 1. Mix 2 drops of  GLOSS BOOSTER with 2 parts of SMOOTH SETTER Smoothing Cream. Apply to damp hair.

    2. Blow-dry smooth with a centre parting using a cushion brush for tension and control.

    3. Apply 7 sprays of HEAT BUFFER Thermal Styling Spray to protect the hair from heat.

    4. Straighten 1/4” subsections to reinforce smoothness.

    5. Use 2 drops of  GLOSS BOOSTER on the ends to create separation and movement.

    Top Tip

    Use the tail of a comb, angling the point directly up from the centre of the brows to create a swift middle-parting.