Get to know the IT&LY scissor range + 20% OFF!

Get to know the IT&LY scissor range + 20% OFF!
With the release of our brand new Scissor Brochure we're celebrating by offering 20% OFF the entire IT&LY range! So there's never been a better time to get better acquainted with this unique range that covers more designs, skill and price levels than any other!

TRI Dimension Supercut

Affordable yet trustworthy. Perfect for those starting out in their hairdressing or barbering career this scissor and thinner pair feature a satin finish, a straight handle and flat screw. There is a left-handed version of the 27 tooth thinner available and the scissor has a serrated edge.- available in 5 inch and 5.5 inch.

TRI Essential Scissors

In need of a new partner day in day out? Look no further than the Essential scissors.

TRI Samurai Scissors

Looking for something a little more unique and individual but don't want to compromise on quality? Then browse the Samurai collection.


And finally we have the king of the IT&LY range, the Miraki.


We can also help you find out how to get your favourite pair of scissors serviced. Download the Servicing Form for any of your TRI or Miraki scissors here.. Find your perfect pair now and get 20% OFF!

Read our complete Scissor Brochure here..

Sorted by brand, then by price, each pair of scissor also has a handy key that represents who it is suitable for, its blade type and more! Choose the perfect pair of scissors for day to day cutting or have a look at what thinners and specialty-task scissors are available from top brands.

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