Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro

Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro

NEW Dualsenses Bond Pro

An intensive, new professional regime that provides instant strength and resilience for weak fragile hair that is prone to breakage!

What is Bond Pro?

A full range of technologically-advanced hair formulas suitable for all hair types prone to breakage. It instantly reinforces and restructures hair from roots to so you can achieve a healthy relationship with stronger, more resilient and beautiful hair.

How does Bond Pro work?

Bond Pro is an innovative Inter-Amino-Bond Builder fortifies hair from the inside out.
Peptides and amino acids penetrate into the hair cortex, targeting the damaged areas.
Compounds of red and brown algae extracts form ionic and hydrogen bonds, embedding these peptides in the inner cortex, making the hair fiber stronger and more resilient.
Meanwhile, Goldwell’s proprietary MicroPROtec Complex distributes all of the essential ingredients quickly and evenly for results you can instantly see and feel.



Why is hair bonding technology important?

Hair bonding technology is a significant advancement in the field of haircare and hair restoration. This technology is especially important for individuals who have chemically treated their hair, frequently use heat styling tools, or have experienced other forms of hair damge. 
The best way to repair broken hair bonds is by using a bonding treatment. This can then help correct damage from the inside out.

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Boost your backbar and retail business through a pool of in-salon dualsenses treatments that are quick and effective for you and your clients.