Halloween Essentials

Halloween Essentials

It’s Halloween, so it’s time to dress up and have a spooky evening full of fun! And of course, one of the more popular parts of fancy dress for this season is hair. So here’s a few product suggests that are essential for Halloween:



Whether it’s to dye your hair to match the costume you’re planning to wear or to match the autumnal mood, there’s plenty of popular hair trends for the night. Some have taken to lightening their blonde hair to dress up as Barbie (a popular choice due to the popular movie that released this year). And others have gone in the other direction, darkening their hair to match the gothic aesthetics of the Addams Family (the Netflix adaptation of Wednesday bringing the classic back into people’s minds). 

For those wanting to match the autumn vibe, the most popular trends are either vibrant colours like reds, purples and greens, or an Ombré. Both are popular styles that are used in gothic fiction, so it’s easy to see why people lean towards them for the Halloween spirit. The best way to get these vibrant colours is by using Pulp Riot. The brand has a wide variety of colours that are a perfect match for the season.


2. Pins, Grips & Clips

It goes without saying that pins, grips and clips are the number one essential for Halloween. Many Halloween costumes involve gravity defying hair that would be impossible to even attempt without this product. For those who want to pull their hair into complex updos like Frankenstein's Bride or the witches from Hocus Pocus, then you’re going to need a mixture of pins, grips and clips.

And Hair Tools has you covered! With a large choice of sizes and styles find the perfect clip to keep your hair in place all night!


3.Hair Spray

Sometimes you’ll need more than a few pins to keep a style in place and that’s where Hair Spray comes in! If you browse amongst Matrix’s latest Styling Range you’ll definitely find the perfect spray for your hair type. From Flex to Triple Freeze Extra Dry, there is a spray that will be your hair’s greatest companion throughout the night! 


4. Aftercare

Don’t forget that caring for your hair after the festivities is essential too! Make sure coloured hair or stressed hair is given the right shampoo and conditioner to treat any damage taken. It’s great to style your hair in fun ways for the night, but you want to make sure your hair is still healthy the morning after, and the right shampoo and conditioner is just the way to do that!

Biolage's Strength Recovery Range has a rich lather that helps wash impurities and build up away, while preserving the hairs integrity. It'll leave your hair 3x stronger after one use with 3x less breakage*

 Biolage Strength Recovery

With the knowledge of these four Halloween Essentials, stylists will have no problem giving their clients the best consultation this season or dressing to impress themselves. Happy Halloween! 🎃

*system of Strength Recovery Shampoo, Conditioning Cream and Strength Repairing Spray vs. non-conditioning shampoo.