Have you got an award winning Parlux?

Have you got an award winning Parlux?

Need a hair dryer? Well, why not take a look at the award winning Parlux 3800 hair dryer from Hair Tools?

This fantastic dryer, is available in a selection of colours, and is an eco friendly, ultra compact ceramic ionic dryer. Its design is both Salon compatible, super light and also kind to the environment. Featuring recycled plastics and a recycled outer packaging, the 3800 is the greenest dryer that you will find, plus the ultra fast drying speed means less energy is used.

And not only has it got all of these superb features, but it was also the winning product of both The Hair Awards and the YourHair awards in 2012!

Find out exactly how great these are and click here to see the full range of Parlux dryers from Salon Supplies.