How to boost customer’s spend in salon by offering treatments?

How to boost customer’s spend in salon by offering treatments?

We asked Christian Hefti (Salon Owner & Retail Guru) about how to boost customer’s spend in salon by offering treatments and this is the advice he has to offer.

Treatments are the easiest way to upgrade a client’s spend by charging an extra £5 we can add instant shine or moisture to the hair in fifteen minutes (max). By asking simple questions like; "I'd like to see your hair shinier , is that something you would like? Not many clients say they wouldn’t. Also, if a client asks “why does my hair look like this?” This is the ideal opportunity for you to say that it needs moisture, repair etc. and offer the client a treatment straight away. Try replying “Your hair needs moisture, shall I do this for you now?”

Follow these simple guidelines and watch your average spend per customer rise!


  • Treat – the whole experience should be a treat for the client.
  • Ment – it is the recommended product that is correct for the client so therefore it is meant for the problem!

A client cannot enjoy the experience at home having a head massage, hot towel, the sound of soothing music, this all forms part of the experience. Salon emotion, remember it really does work and the client sees it and believes you, therefore trust is enforced.

Spot the signals of when a client may be more likely to opt for having a treatment whilst having their hair washed i.e. Pre-holiday, post-holiday, regular colour customer etc.

The problem is most salons don't charge for treatments as they can sometimes be used to add time on when running behind on an appointment. Be careful as this can devalue the whole treatment option.

Try offering your clients a treatment, if you do not offer they will never know it is an option!

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