How to get beautiful Beach Waves by Wella Professionals

How to get beautiful Beach Waves by Wella Professionals

Dreaming of hot, lazy days of sun and beaches? Want to look the part?

(Wow, she's stunning..) All you need are the following products (especially formulated by Wella Pro) and tools:

Now you have all the tools, here is the technique:

  • 1. Prepare the texture with Eimi Root Shoot, Ocean Spritz and Perfect Me.The combination of these three products will give the perfect volume, body, grip, texture, and hold for those beachy waves to last a whole day in the sun. Product cocktailing at its finest.

  • 2. Start to dry all the root area of the hair using the Eimi Dry Bar fast blow-dry technique with your hair-dryer and paddle brush (see the video below from 2:40 for an example).

  • Once the root area is all dry, keep blow-drying on the lengths.

  • Set the hair with your conical curler or alternatively, use different sized and shaped curlers for a more undone and natural look.

The real star of the show is new product Eimi Root Lift. As you can see in the video above, this is a 'precision' root mousse with a hold level of 2. You can target your roots whilst leaving the rest of your hair available to other products (in this case the Ocean Spritz salt spray).

Not only does it give your root hair amazing and lasting volume but it also lets the shine in your hair through without weighing even fine hair down or turning it dry and coarse.

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