INDOLA shake up their Care & Style range #1, #2, #3

INDOLA shake up their Care & Style range #1, #2, #3
Indola has one of the most passionate of fanbases in the professional hair industry and it's clear to see why. Sister of Schwarzkopf and therefore part of Henkel, leader in technological innovation, they are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to producing ground-breaking technology and using it to revolutionise salon life as well as the professional hair industry. But where Indola truly excels is in its comprehensibility as suggested by its newly adopted #hashtag, #SIMPLYSMARTER. As one of the most widely-used brands across the industry, Indola, can be found in thousands of salons nationwide but as a brand, what its focus has ultimately been is on the smaller salons and mobile hairdressers. Earlier in the year we were introduced to the new Transformer which allowed salons to transform any Permanent Colour in the Indola range into Semi-Permanent, saving on product spend as well as storage space - both of which make a huge difference to smaller businesses.
Now we have the release of the NEW AND IMPROVED Care & Style range. As described by Indola themselves, every product in this range has been 'cherry-picked' from a wider selection so that it contains only what a professional hairdresser truly requires to meet the needs of any of their clients. As well as the attractive and modern new packaging the range is easy to display and use in the smallest of salons or store in a mobile hairdresser's arsenal. They are also completely interchangeable and any combination of cleanse, treatment and styling products can be used together.
As you can see from the bottles, each product is clearly labelled with names that explain exactly what it does. Certain products also use NFC Technology which only requires your phone to work. When activated, you will have access to information on the product and some tips on various styling techniques and looks - all with your phone. The Innova range is split into 3 families of #1 #2 #3.

#1 Cleansing

#1 Represents the products to be used first in the regime, aka, shampoos that cleanse the hair.
And more..

#2 Care

Next we have #2, which is displayed on any product that is used to care or treat the hair. Various conditioners, masks, creams and serums are available and one or more can be used with any of the above shampoos together. CONDITIONERS
And more..

#3 Styling

Finally we have this foolproof #3 styling range made of of Texturising, Setting and Finishing products. TEXTURE
And more.. SETTING
And more.. FINISH
And more.. For more information on all the latest updates to the Indola brand here's a link to our previous Blog..