Inoa Good Colour For You

Inoa Good Colour For You

I Noa

[Inoa Good Colour For You]

By Nicola Chamberlain

Wholesale Education Manager, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris


As hair colour tastes change, why would you choose an ammonia free permanent hair colour? Looking for a softer multi-tonalresult? Worried about the effect of ammonia on the hair? Worry no more...Nicola Chamberlain

Inoa is an ammonia free permanent technology, revolutionised the hair colour industry with a breakthrough ODS2 Oil Delivery System. Inoa is 60% oil, delivering 6 weeks of intense hydration while depositing beautiful colour. Inoa’s extensive portfolio provides rich colour results, respects the hair, and unlimited possibilities to create personalised looks for every client. The Inoa experience is odour free and provides scalp comfort with 50% more shine. Inoa has different collections to meet every need and desire.



[Meet The Inoa Collection]

Inoa - Ammonia Free


Inoa Glow Colour

  • Covers up to 30% grey hair.
  • Neutralised finish, extreme luminosity.
  • Up to three levels of lightening.
  • 30 minute development time(may vary).


Inoa Supreme

  • Covers up to 100% of grey hairInoa Supreme
  • Permanent colour, natural looking.
  • Up to three levels of long lasting and glossy colour.
  • 30 minute development time(may vary).


    Inoa Carmilane

    • Covers up to 100% of grey hair.
    • Permanent, natural looking colour.Inoa Carmilane
    • Up to three levels for vibrant reds.
    • 35 minutes (may vary).



    [Create The Look]

    Create The Look

    STEP 1 - ROOTSInoa 7.1

    Inoa 7.1 + 10 Vol. Oxydant

    STEP 2 - MID-LENGTHSInoa 8.12

    Inoa 8.12 + 20 Vol. Oxydant

    STEP 3 - ENDSInoa 10.12

    Inoa 10.12 + 20 Vol. Oxydant


    Please enjoy experimenting with an ammonia free permanent hair colour. Share with us your results @lorealpro @lorealpro_education_uki We look forward to seeing what you can come up with...

    Nicola x