Introducing: Matrix Biolage FullDensity

Introducing: Matrix Biolage FullDensity
You have probably noticed that Thickening Hair Care products are currently becoming more and more popular within the industry. Thinning hair affects 46% of women and a huge 70% of women want thicker, more voluminous hair.

Thickening products are aimed at a huge variety of customers:
  • Women with naturally thin hair (50% of women with fine hair are still looking for their ideal haircare brand and are more dissatisfied with their current solution)
  • Women suffering from stress
  • New mums (Many women lose more hair than usual after childbirth)
  • Women wanting sexy, fuller hair
  • Women with damaged hair
  • Older women suffering from hair thinning (Over 50% of all women who suffer from thinning hair are aged 55+)

    The Science

    The new range from Biolage, 'Full Density,' was developed with these kind of clients in mind. It contains Biotin, Zinc PCA and Gluco-Omega resulting in a unique but natural thickening technology that promotes hair growth by increasing cellular generation and helps absorb scalp oils that clog pores, inhibiting hair growth.

    The Range

    The FullDensity Regime contains the following elements

    • Step 1 - Shampoo to strengthen hair
    • Step 2 – Conditioner to prevent breakage
    • Step 3 - Densifying Spray Treatment to increase hair diameter
    • The thickening effect is only fully effective when using the total regime

      The range also includes the Stemoxidin regime

      • This is a Thickening hair treatment that is applied to the scalp
      • It creates an optimal environment to encourage hair regrowth
      • Contains 10 ampule per pack
      • Ongoing treatment is recommended

        The FullDensity Regime Effect

        Carrying out the Full Density Regime will Thicken the diameter of each hair strand by plumping EACH STRAND on the surface. This is perfect for those women who have Individual fine hair strands leading to the appearance of thin hair as they have naturally-occurring limp hair with a very small diameter of hair strand. EACH HAIR STRAND FEELS FULLER FOR MORE LUSCIOUS, PLUMPER LOOKING LENGTH.

        FullDensity Stemoxidin Regime Effect

        For those clients that have Sparse hair coverage on the scalp leading to the appearance of thin hair you will want to consider the FullDensity Stemoxidin regime.

        As part of a normal hair cycle , hair is shed. Hair bulbs enter a ‘resting’ stage (telegan) before regrowth begins(anagen). In some cases, telegan can last longer than average & lead to less regrowth. This can give the effect of sparser hair. Applying the Stemoxidin will encourage new hair growth and create an optimal environment for stimulating hair growth going forward.

        One of our lovely representatives even tested the Full Density range, revealing some brilliant results.

        The new FullDensity range is available to buy now, on our website...