Introducing the Straight & Style Speed Brush Pro from Diva Professional

Introducing the Straight & Style Speed Brush Pro from Diva Professional
Available at an exclusive OFFER PRICE OF ONLY £59.99 now available on our website.. We wait all year to enjoy the summer weather but it does bring with it new trials and challenges.

At the time of year when we have the least patience and we want our hair to just effortlessly look gorgeous, we seem to need to put in the most effort to combat frizz, damage and generally just keep it in line.

You can use the best treatments, masks and hair product regimes to relax your hair and within an hour of being outside, the dreaded flyaways are back.

That's why, our TOP TIP for styling your hair this SUMMER is in the drying or SETTING of your hair and sealing shut every hair surface to keep in that product and to keep out damaging environmental factors - And that's what the newly released Straightening Brush from Diva Professional happens to do best.

This is a perfect anti-frizz, summer styling tool because:

  • It uses a unique combination of hot bristles to relax hair and cool bristles to set it straight.
  • It also contains Macadamia, Argan Oil and Keratin infused in its hot ceramic bristles to reduce frizz whilst adding brilliant shine.
  • Any smoothing and anti-frizz hair care and treatments will last longer once dried and sealed in by the hot and cool air of the Straight & Style Speed Brush Pro.
  • Multi-voltage ensures optimum styling worldwide so it’s perfect for travelling to hot destinations this summer.
  • It’s a convenient styling tool as it only takes a couple of minutes to run through your hair. Perfect for those hot days when the last thing you want to do is spend an hour or more with a hot hair-dryer or straighteners.
  • It cares for and improves the condition of your hair whilst banishing frizz and protecting it from environmental factors such as the sun.
  • This needs to be the final step in your anti-frizz hair prepare regime –ensuring your hair is 100% ready for a heatwave.

Other Product Details:

  • Digital variable heat 110°C to 200°C enables safer styling for all hair types & textures
  • Features cool grooves which allow you to add curls and flicks as you brush and dry
  • Straightener results with easy and speed of a brush
  • Single strong styling with instant heat-up and heat recovery
  • Auto shut-off after 1 hour
  • 3m heat resistant swivel cord
  • UK/EU plug adaptor
  • Includes non-slip heat-proof silicon mat

We tried it for ourselves and were delighted with the results.

Not only was our hair beautifully straight but it felt gorgeously smooth and soft. Flyaways were put in their place and there was a lovely shine to the surface of the hair.

The best part though? It took 2 minutes to do an entire head of hair!

If you're looking for something to make summer styling your hair easier whilst battling the elements and keeping your hair looking and feeling great - then this is it.
Available at an exclusive OFFER PRICE OF ONLY £59.99 now available on our website.