Kasho: A Relationship that lasts a Lifetime

Kasho: A Relationship that lasts a Lifetime
Kasho Scissors are truly a tool that has been crafted with the professional in mind. It is an artist's scissor and is often described as an extension of the hairdresser or barber. As well as offering scissors and thinners of a variety of budget and style, Kasho have also given you the means to ensure the relationship with your Kashos lasts a lifetime with cases AND a fantastic servicing course of action when you need it. #lovemykasho

Kasho Blue

...epitomises all the advantages of Japanese scissors
The high quality Blue series epitomises all the advantages of Japanese scissors. They are also fitted with the flat head screw system, with a slight split of the screw helps hold the screw thread firmly against the lower blade, allowing for the tension of the screw to be finely adjusted. The convex blades allow for smooth slicing techniques and are mirror finished. 15% OFF this Month! Buy Now

Kasho Sagano of all worlds
The KASHO Sagano series utilises the traditional features of the Green Series with a more elegant and ergonomic twist. Now features forged finger notch Comfortable in the hand and perfect for precise and smooth cutting passes. 15% OFF this Month! Buy Now

Kasho Silver Black redefined
Designed for the perfect cutting experience. The scissors feature a diamond like carbon (DLC) coating, which gives them unbelievable smoothness, sharpness and durability. Ergonomically designed with camel back and detachable finger rest. 15% OFF this Month! Buy Now

Kasho Millennium

...for perfectionists
The Kasho Millennium Series represents superb craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Exceptionally sharp and ergonomically designed offset scissors are made of sinter metal which is extremely resistant. The patented disc operation system ensures perfect, even movement and optimum tension. With mirror polished scissor blades and smooth cutting motion reduce cutting resistance to a minimum, which in turn reduces hand fatigue. 15% OFF this Month! Buy Now

Kasho Damascus

...the masterpiece
The Damascus Scissors combine old forge traditions with state of the art and futuristic technology. The maximum sharpness, hardness and durability of the edges is achieved using the renowned wear resistance V10 stainless steel alloy. The Damascus steel is carefully layered and forged on top to produce the beautiful Damascus patterning. The Kasho Damascus scissors represent the ultimate in hand finished sophistication. 15% OFF this Month! Buy Now

Kasho Texturizers

...accurately serrated
To create a variety of styles, you need a variety of tools Kasho's texturizers are as perfectly designed and balanced as their slicing counterparts. Achieve a truly blended finish - effortlessly. 15% OFF this Month! Buy Now

Kasho Pouches / Cases / Holsters forward
A stylish offering of items that can make your life easier whilst protecting your precious Kashos. A multitude of compartments in a different shapes and sizes. You don't compromise on your scissors, why compromise on its containment? Browse all

Kasho Servicing

...if you love your Kasho... service it
Just like a car, your scissor should be serviced every 1-2 years. Get your Kasho scissor serviced by a Kasho artisan technician using their website. The service includes a pre-service inspection, followed by a deep polish to correct any edge faults. They will then check the balance, stopper, centre assembly and finger rest of your scissor and make any required corrections and/or replace any parts. Your scissors are then fully tested and returned back to you in immaculate condition.

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