Looking for a new Clipper? : What's New with WAHL?

Looking for a new Clipper? : What's New with WAHL?
All artists have their favourite tools which they bond with and with which - they produce their best work.

Barbers and hair stylists are no exception and a good set of clippers is an extension and embodiment of their abilities to create flawless and unique cuts, shape and fades for every client that sits in their chair.

However, with technology ever-evolving, perhaps it's time you think about investing in a new set of clippers. With the latest '5-STAR RANGE' clippers from WAHL you get the best of both worlds. The classic feel and performance that barbers worldwide have adored for generations with the added convenience and performance improvements that state of the art innovation bring to the table.

Firstly, we have the LEGEND CLIPPER*****

The LEGEND CLIPPER is the larger of the two new clippers WAHL has released.

This is the pack horse of clippers. Built to last and capable of continual usage.

The included, cooler running, V9000 motor offers the ultimate in durability.

As for the blades on the LEGEND CLIPPER:
  • It features "Crunch Blade" technology with unique cutting angles resulting in a blunter cut and even, blended clipping.
  • The unique taper throw provides more precise, extended wide range fading.
  • Comes complete with Grades 1 - 8, 0.5 and 1.5 which are made with engineering grade material, making the combs 70% stronger than the standard Wahl guide combs.
  • The Secure-fit® Technology metal tabs ensure the Premium Cutting Guide has a stronger hold to the blade, preventing it from detaching.

Simon Shaw, European Artistic Director for Wahl UK, adds “In my view the Legend is a complete game changer. If you want to achieve the best results then this is the tool for you. It has fantastic blades with an extended taper which gives you a wider range of blending”.


This is the clipper for you if you're looking for something STRONG, LONG-LASTING, DURABLE, DEPENDABLE but built and designed to the HIGHEST QUALITY to ensure that all your work is perfection.

Next, we have the CORDLESS MAGIC CLIPPER*****

Descendant of a beloved original , this is the new and improved CORDLESS MAGIC CLIPPER.

Light-weight and versatile, the Cordless Magic Clipper is manoeuvrable and can carry out a variety of tasks for a lengthy amount of time.

  • It features the 'stagger tooth blade', with "Crunch Blade" technology which feed the hair better, giving a much smoother cut overall. The result is easier, visibly improved blending and fading, because no line is made in the hair when cutting.
  • Along with utilising the highest quality steel suitable for haircutting, the Cordless Magic Clip provides one of the best professional cutting performances available on the current market.
  • For shorter skin tight fades the Cordless Magic Clip can also be adjusted to zero overlap while the taper leaver allows you to adjust the taper and texture without changing blades.
  • Even though it's cordless, this clipper can manage 90 minutes of run time from just a 120 minute charge and the lithium technology means that the battery power will remain consistent throughout the cut.
  • The impressive motor also runs cooler, delivering the efficiency and reliability required for continual use throughout the day. Should the charge begin to run low, simply plug the clipper into the mains to continue with your cutting. The handy cord/cordless option of this clipper provides the user with flexibility and freedom of use wherever they are.
  • And Included with the Clipper are 8 guide combs offering grades 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, 2,3,4,6 and 8.

Simon Shaw, European Artistic Director for Wahl UK, added “The amazing blade technology of the Cordless Magic Clipper allows the user to skin fade more easily and precise. It is a barbers dream tool”.


The result is a LIGHTWEIGHT clipper that is PRACTICAL, MANOEUVRE but HARD-WORKING. The swiss army knife of clippers.

Both are available on our website right now at LIMITED OFFER PRICES so make the most of them!

LEGEND CLIPPER***** | Offer price £79.99 CORDLESS MAGIC CLIPPER***** | Offer price £79.99