[Love A Leave-In?] New L'Oréal Metal Detox Cream

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By Jonnie McKinnon

Senior Indirect Education Developer, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

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The Metal Detox innovation took the industry by storm. With patented active ingredient GLICOAMINE, it has the ability to seek out harmful metals in the hair, and neutralise them. The result? Perfect colour results, up to 97% less breakage* and radiant, shiny hair.

Introducing our new Metal Detox Leave-In Cream. Now that we have a multi-tasking addition to the range, you can focus on having fun in the sun and ensure your hair stays in ultimate condition.

Did you know that the copper chloride in pools can discolour your hair? The Metal Detox system works to remove copper particles, keeping blondes bright and fresh, and brunettes radiant and true to tone.

The new Leave-In Cream is rich, nourishing, and will keep up to 97% of your colour brightness for up to 8 weeks**.

[Detox Deep Dive]


Cream formulas are a great way to tame thick or frizzy hair and will be fully absorbed through the styling process.

Any hair type will be left feeling shiny, bouncy, full of vitality and will resist humidity and encourage hydration for up to 72 hours** - That’s 3 days of style perfection AND hydration!

This also makes it an amazing product for curls. Whether you scrunch and go or love a diffuser, you’ll see up to 3x more definition**.

If this is the perfect product for your clients, treat them to the Metal Detox at-home routine:



Creams are super easy to use – just use a couple of pumps of the Metal Detox Leave-In Cream and smooth into towel dried hair. The formula melts into the hair fibre and ensures every strand is protected.

Between washes, top up your protection by using the Metal Detox Concentrated Oil. You can even cocktail the two together for the ultimate hair treat!


Step 1
Deep Cleanse and shampoo twice with the Metal Detox Shampoo.

Step 2
Follow with the Metal Detox Mask, leave for 5 minutes and rinse.

Step 3
Gently towel dry and apply a couple of pumps of the Metal Detox leave-in Cream before blow drying.

Finish with a couple of pumps of Metal Detox Oil for up to 2x more shine*.


It’s so important to protect the hair from heat, but we often forget to protect from the hairdryer, and even heat from the sun!

Just by adding a few pumps of this High Protection Cream into your daily routine, you can preserve our colour brightness by up t 97% after 8 weeks**. You’ll have soft, silky, hydrated hair that’s protected from heat, UV, humidity, and breakage*.

  • Up to 97% of colour brightness preserved after 8 weeks**
  • Heat & UV protection**
  • Up to 72h anti-humidity and hydration**
  • Up to 3x more definition**

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I love to see our products performance in the hands of you, the Pro.

Jonnie x

*Instrumental test on Metal Detox Concentrated Oil
**Instrumental Test on Metal Detox High Protection Cream