Matrix - NEW Volume Rose Range

Matrix - NEW Volume Rose Range
Hair Oil has become a huge part of the Hair Care industry and for a very good reason. Different types of oil can penetrate or coat hair with nourishment and protection leaving it shiny-looking and healthier. In response, Matrix brought out their own range of fantastic and luxurious oil-based Hair Care - Oil Wonders.

However, there is a type of woman that hasn't fallen in love with hair oil and Oil Wonders. Fine hair cannot handle the heaviness and greasiness that oils provide and can feel weighed down. Realising this, Matrix has yet again come up with a solution for these women so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Hair Oil - Volume Rose.

After doing some research, Matrix discovered that 1 out of 3 Hair Oil Users in the UK were dissatisfied with the results on their hair. They also realised that 44% of ALL WOMEN in the UK had fine hair and these users were looking for more voluminous hair than anything else.

This is when the Volume Rose range was engineered. It gives stunning volume to hair whilst providing lightweight nourishment. It does this through the power of rose hip oil which also lends itself to the scent created by French Perfumers.

The Volume Rose Range

1. Prepare: Pre-Shampoo Oil

In this process, the oil goes on the hair FIRST. The Self-emulsifying formula attaches only to damaged sections of each hair strand with no added weight.

2. Purify: Shampoo for Fine Hair

This deliciously scented shampoo gently primes hair by removing build-up and delicately cleansing each strand.

3. Nourish: Conditioner for Fine Hair

Lastly, this creamy conditioner reinforces fine-diameter strands and strengthens them from root to tip.

When used together, these lightweight, silicone-free products give fine hair up to 78% more volume!

Tip from Matrix Artist, Christian Wiles: How to tell if your client has Fine Hair

Take hair from underneath the crown and run your fingers through from root to tip. Ask yourself what your client's hair feels like. If it feels feathery then their hair is more on the fine side. If there is density there then they have thicker hair.

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