National Hair Creator's Day

National Hair Creator's Day

National Hair Creator’s Day was first observed in 2021 by Zotos Professional, a part of the Henkel Company’s hair care professional unit. This National Day was originally set up to recognise hair stylists around the world who love to showcase their creativity when it comes to hairdressing. It's a day to promote self-expression and help encourage the art of hair creators. And it's an opportunity to put your hairstyling skills on display!


Hairstyling has been around for millennia. Some of the oldest known depictions of hair styling is a braiding style that dates back to around 30,000 years ago. And it's constantly been innovating ever since. From ancient Egyptian ornamental wigs to Viking plaits. From neat and restrained Victorian styles to the modern colourful punk era. That’s what this National day is here to celebrate! The creative way hair has been weaved, and the stylists that come up with these fantastic styles.




Want to celebrate the day? Then why don’t you try:

Exploring a New Hair Style?

Try a new style, product, or colour! Anything to help you get inspired for a new you!

Share you latest cuts on the hashtag #nationalhaircreatorsday!

Both inspire someone else with the artistic way you’ve styled someone’s hair and explore other’s peoples’ creations for inspiration!

Express your gratitude!

Thank your fellow stylists for the fantastic work they’ve been doing! This is a day to celebrate the industry and all the creativity and joy it brings the world!