NEW SERVICE: Grey Hair Transitioning 💜

NEW SERVICE: Grey Hair Transitioning 💜

NEW SERVICE: Grey Hair Transitioning!


Grey Hair Transitioning service typically refers to a salon or professional service that assists individuals in gracefully transitioning from coloured or dyed hair to their natural grey or silver hair!
This service has gained popularity as more people are starting to embrace their natural hair colours.


Grey Hair Transitioning services have become increasingly important for several reasons:

1. Changing Beauty Standards: There has been a shift towards celebrating natural beauty, including embracing natural hair colours. This is a way for your clients to express themselves authentically and confidently.

2. Professional Guidance: Transitioning to grey hair can be a complex process, especially if the hair has been coloured for a long time. Professional guidance ensures that the transition is done gradually and gracefully, minimizing any abrupt or unwanted colour contrasts.

3. Increased Education and Support: Services often include education on haircare techniques and product recommendations, helping clients to maintain the health and vibrancy of their natural grey hair.

 Matrix Silver Lining

Matrix is supporting you with next generation silver colour services.

Silver Lining is a curated collection from Matrix featuring 8 shades from SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded and Tonal Control Pre-Bonded that, with an array of professional services, are designed to support you with all your grey colour services needs!

SoColor Sync is recommended for low lighting and colour correcting.
The shades for the Silver Lining collection are: 10NV, 6T, 6P, 4P
Tonal Control is recommended for post-lightening toning and
glossing. The shades for the Silver Lining Collection are: 10P, 8P, 10T, 8T


 5 Reasons Why You Want To Do The Silver Lining Service

It’s important to note that by supporting your clients’ grey needs, they will need
to keep coming in regularly to keep their new silver hair looking fresh.
After about 6 weeks the silver tone will start to fade, so they’ll come in looking to reset the tone to brighten their hair back up. After about 3 months, the lowlights will begin to fade, and they will come back looking for dimension.

Bottom line: silver hair still requires professional care.

Embrace your clients grey's by introducing a Grey Hair Transitioning service in your salon 💜 

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